Premium Hair Extension Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

How many packs of weft hair do I need?

For weft hair, you will require one pack of extensions if your adding length, and your natural hair is at least shoulder length. Two packs for an extremely full look, or to add layering.

How many packs of tape-in hair do I need?

It is recommended to get between 2-4 packs of tape-in hair to get a full look. The average client uses 2 packs of tape-ins if their natural hair is at least shoulder length, and want to achieve a full, and natural look.

Are tape-in extensions ready to install?

All of our tape-in extensions come pre-cut, taped, and ready to apply. There are 20 pieces, and 10 complete sandwiches per package.

How often does the hair need to be replaced?

All of our extension hair is premium quality hair, and lasts between 12-14 months of full time wear. Extensions need to be reapplied or "bumped up" based on the speed your hair grows.  Between 5-8 weeks is and average reinstall time.  At your reinstall appointment, keep your extension hair, and simply replace the tape at the top of the bond, or for weft hair, replace beads depending on what weft method install was used.

Couldn't find your question?

If you have a question that wasn't found on the website, please email us , or give our main studio a call @780-468-9331 , and we will gladly answer all of your extension questions.